Popular Design Ladder Bookcase For Your Small Space

Ladder bookcase. – One of the mistakes made by homeowners when decorating a small space is overloading the atmosphere with many furniture and very large scale. In most cases, it makes the space look even smaller. The key is to select appropriate furniture for the room and make them look lighter. For this reason, I wanted to highlight these shelves in the form of stairs.

First, I love the look … very simple lines that reflect a modern style. Believe it or not, the fact that the ladder bookcase is exposed to the wall behind is visual tricks that can make a room seem larger. Secondly, it is a versatile piece that can be used in different environments, from a room to a room, especially if you have a small space. I’m a big fan of incorporating multi-functional furniture anywhere whenever possible.

For example, in a dining room, this type of ladder bookcase can replace the use of a traditional dresser or cabinet. You can display your dishes, cookbooks and other decorative accessories, or even use it as a mini bar with the installation of a rail under the shelves for hanging wine glasses.

You can also store the bottles of liquor and wine on the shelves, and to highlight the bottles even more, a simple idea is to hang a mirror on the wall directly behind the bottles creating a bar effect. Very easy to do, right? Some stores that sell this model as ladder bookcase also give you the option to purchase an additional largest and deepest shelf can be used as a desk converter the same bookshelf in a workstation.

Perfect for a living room, bedroom, or anywhere you need to give it a home office function. No matter if you use it to display only books or a combination of the above ideas, the ladder bookcase will bring much style to your home without sacrificing their need for storage in the environment. They become a beautiful sculptural element in any room!