Modern Dresser with Mirror Decor

Modern dresser with mirror – modern dressers lend an interior character and style. If they are heirlooms, the dressers also evoke family history. You can maximize the impact of an antique chest of drawers by decorating it with period furniture, or by giving it a subtle update with new hardware and accessories. Before decorating your antique dresser, consider how drastic changes in color or finish can change its value.

Clear surfaces in your modern dresser with mirror and clean out the drawers. Dust corners of drawers, the back of the dresser and the underside of the chest. Using a gentle cleaner on a cloth to wash the surface, if necessary. Avoid using any oil-based soap or polish if you plan to paint or stain the dresser.

Consider updating finish on your modern dresser with mirror. A distressed or uneven surface is not necessarily a negative feature. Many decorating schemes among those shabby chic, bohemian modern, rustic and French country integrate distressed pieces as a central part of the aesthetic. If you want to refinish the dresser, carefully strip the paint before applying a new finish. Remove any hardware and paint or stain the dresser two or three times in order to ensure a smooth finish.