Look Elegant With White Ladder Bookcase

As this month is dedicated to living , today we will see an idea that can serve both to decorate as to order this area of the house, provided that we have a style minimalist and informal. It is, as you have been able to advance to the title, a bookshelf made ​​from a white ladder bookcase . So, the work itself is not too much complexity.

First, we must provide ourselves with the materials necessary. For this, besides the wooden staircase, we will take steps to the tables that will make shelves. It is best that the size of these go from low to high, from the top, as they will be subject in the tables of the ladder and therefore, the distance between these is increasingly widening.

Thus, a long table will have stability in the lowlands, but not higher, but the whole subject would fall in the middle, and the sides would be suspended. So, once we have the materials, we begin to decorate white ladder bookcase .

The most time we will carry it. To do this, we sanded the entire surface of the ladder, to remove impurities and damages that have arisen with time and use. Then apply a coat of primer and then the enamel desired. The same will apply it in tables, but on the enamel can add, in this case, a stencil, to personalize it a bit.

Then we just have to hold the shelves on each table in the ladder supports it. To do this, we have several options. The easiest is to use wood glue and also to lay the boards with nails, that cover with glaze. With this will be enough since, having two well distributed support, the table will remain stable.

Yes, we measure well, so that each support is at the same distance from one end of the table and the other, so that the shelf is centered and weight evenly distributed. In addition, you can join several stairs each other to make a wider shelf, or look for other options to use the white ladder bookcase, as this we see here :