How To Choose An Antique Dresser With Mirror

How To Choose An Antique Dresser With Mirror – An antique dresser with mirror plays an important role in your bedrooms interior design. It gives you ample space to store your garments, foot-ware or jewelry leaving your room neat and clean. A dresser with mirror also does something more, it makes your room look brighter and bigger. Before you decide to buy this kind of furniture, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Consider the size of antique dresser with mirror. You probably already have some idea of what space you have in your room to fit in this new piece of furniture but take measurements to be sure. Also make sure you have the right location for it which is in a place where it can capture the sun’s light and reflect it in the entire room. You should be able to retrieve the drawers’ contents with ease not having to move other furniture just to open them. Decide on the material. To make sure your dresser fits in with the rest of the room, find out what kind of wood you want it to be. Make sure you have a suitable location for this-somewhere free from any kind of moisture.

Choose a style. Antique dresser with mirror can come in a wide range of styles. Some only have a couple of drawers, good for storing underwear while others are bigger and may have a full length mirror. When selecting a style, also take into consideration the shape of the mirror. For instance, if your room has more rounded like furniture, choose an oval mirror.  Determine cost and quality. Make sure you get a balance of both. You can find sturdy dressers at reasonable prices but you have to take time to compare prices and ensure good quality. Check that the drawers open smoothly, the hinges are in place and there are no cracks. Selecting the right antique mirrored dresser will improve your room’s decor. Keep in mind the mentioned tips and you’ll find the affordable, high quality dresser you want.