Create an Antique White Bookcase

Antique white bookcase come in a variety of finishes, one of which can be sputtered or faded. You can update the appearance of the bookcase with a fresh coat of paint, but you want to retain the antique charm of the piece to some of her character deserved.

Skipping the scouring step and the applying an adhesive primer can hold the paint in the piece, but also allows the texture of the original finish to show. You can paint any color white you want to use for the piece.

Antique white bookcase, Place the antique bookcase in a well-ventilated area, on top of a large piece of cardboard. If you’re taking it out, do this project as you will have two days with no rain in the forecast. Inject the entire bookcase with a coat of oil-based primer. Shake the can in accordance with the instructions, and then treating the cabinet from top to bottom. If there are shadowy areas where the original finish shows through another layer of primer.

Bring to minimize bubbling the first layer of paint on the bookcase with a foam brush. In the longitudinal direction of the timber, and paint from the top of the housing at the bottom. Make the first layer as thin as a sheet of paper. Let the first coat dry for 24 hours and then apply the second coat in the same manner. Let it dry for 24 hours before the antique white bookcase.